After the degree in “Cinema Analysis” and some years of experience in other cinematograph roles (production, cinematography, direction) Stefano Lodovichi begins to work like director in 2011 with the short documentary “Figli di Dio”, one episode of the collective movie “Il Pranzo di Natale”, presented during the Rome International Film Festival of the same year.

In 2013 he directs Aquadro his first feature film, written with Davide Orsini, and produced by Mood Film with Rai Cinema. “Aquadro” wins various festival in Italy and in other countries. 

In 2014, with Isabella Aguillar and Davide Orsini, he begins to write a transmedial project called Polaris, participating to the “Writers’ Room” of the Torino Film Lab, connected to the development of a Post-Apocalyptic road movie called ” Children Of The Ice”, produced by Mood Film in coproduction with the german Weydemann Bros and Rai Cinema.

In 2015 directs “Tommi” (in post-production) his second feature film, written with Isabella Aguillar and Davide Orsini, produced by One More Pictures for Sky Cinema.  

He realized also some musical video and commercials. One of them was a music Video with Universal Pictures in Berlin, a commercial for Mac Donald’s Italia and he directed 3 parts of the serials projectIn Italy“, produced by One More Pictures for the Salone del Mobile 2015 (Fendi, Artemide, Kartell, La Murrina..).